Huawei Matebook X Pro 2020 Unboxing 2020

(chilled electronic music) (chilled electronic music) – What’s up guys, Saf here on SuperSaf TV and in this is video,we’re going to be taking a detailed look at theHuawei Matebook X Pro 2020. Thanks to Huawei for partneringwith me on this video. Let’s initially start offwith one of my favorite things about the Matebook X Pro and that is, the display. This is a 13.9 inch display, it’s got a 3:2 aspect ratio which is something that I really like, rather than just 16:9. It does give you a lot morerealistic data vertically. 260 PPI pixel density, 100% of the sRGB color gamut, 450 nits of peak brightness and super small bezels. There’s around a 91%screen to body ratio here and that means that althoughthis is a 13.9 inch display the laptop itself is quite compact and it’s roughly about thesame size as a 13 inch laptop. Now this is a touch screen soyou can easily just reach over and interact with touch too. But what I really like isthat we do have a few features that take advantage of the touch screen. Such as a three finger swipe down, which is going to take a screen shot. Or if there’s a particular section of that screen shot that you need, then you can just draw a diagonal line. Gestures such as these makethings a lot more interactive and easy to use. Now let’s take a lookat the build and design. So this is very slim, it’s just around 14.6 millimeter’s thin, weighs around 1.33kg and we’ve got a unibody, metallicbuild with machined edges, so it looks and feels really premium. Now let’s take a look at the keyboard, so this is a full size, backlit keyboard, with a decent amount of travel, so the typing experience is really good. But this keyboard is also spill resistant, which is really good to know, in case you do get a abit of a splash on it. There’s a large tactile click pad which performs really well. There’s also a fingerprint scanner on the top right hand corner. So this is going to make loggingin super secure and easy. And speaking of security,the front facing camera is actually recessed withina key on the keyboard. So you actually have topress it, to have it pop out. Now this is a bit lowerthan I usually prefer and the resolution is just one megapixels but what I really do like about this is the privacy element. If you’re not using thefront facing camera, then it is physically tucked away, so you’re not going to haveto worry about anything in the background getting accessto that front facing camera. And this is something that I really do think you’ll appreciate, especially if you’reconcerned about privacy. For speakers, we do have two along either side of the keyboard and then we’ve got anothertwo towards the bottom. And what is poweringthe Matebook X Pro 2020? Well, you can get a 10th GenIntel Core i5 or i7 version. With up to 16 gigabytes of RAM, either 512 or 1 terrabyte of PCIe SSD storage and a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce MX250 GPU. So with these specs theMatebook X Pro is going to be more than capable for your daily use and that includes, thingslike, image editing as well as light video editing. If you do want to do somemore heavy video editing or if you want to do someheavy gaming on here, then the good news is, that you can connect anexternal GPU via USB type C. We’ve got two USB type C ports, once full size USB-A port, as well as 3.5 millimeter jack. Now you can also connect thisto a 4K display, if needed, so if you’re going to beusing this out and about but also with your home set up, that is definitely good to know.

For the battery, you dohave a 56 watt-hour battery. Now usage is, of course, going to vary from person to person, so if you are using this pretty heavy, that is going to getthrough the battery quicker than if you are usingthis for general tasks such as word processing and web browsing. What’s great is that you do get a 65 watt, USB type Ccharger out of the box and this can also chargecertain smartphones. So when we can travel, I’m not sure when that will be, then you’re not going to haveto carry around two chargers. You will just be ableto use that same charger for the laptop as wellas for your smartphone. Now let’s talk about the software. So this does come with Windows 10 Home, pre-installed, as expected. But what really makes theMatebook X Pro special is how well it’s integratedwith other Hauwei products. So if you do have a Huawei smartphone you’re going to be easilyable to connect this to the Matebook X Pro, using Huawei Share and Huawei OneHop? So you can just touch yoursmartphone around here, in the NFC and you can easily transfer files. But what I really like, is themulti screen collaboration. So once you’ve connected yoursmartphone to your laptop, which is really easy to do, you’ll actually get a window here which is the home screenof your smartphone. You can control yoursmartphone directly here from the Matebook X Pro, whichis really, really useful. So, for instance, ifyou get a text message, which you want to respond to, you’re not going to have togo back onto your smartphone. You can do this allfrom the Matebook X Pro, directly on the display. If there are any particular apps that are on your smartphone which you want to use on your desktop then you’ll be able to dothat very quickly and easily.

My favorite thing, is theability to drag and drop files from your smartphone,directly onto your desktop. So, perfect example, if you’ve been out and abouttaking images and video but you want to edit thoseon the Matebook X Pro then you’ll easily be able todrag and drop these onto here and that makes things so, so convenient. The clipboard is also shared,so if there’s maybe a link that you’ve copied on your smartphone but you want to go ahead and check that out on the desktop, then you’ll be able todo that very quickly. So this something that’sreally, really unique and I think really enhancesthe experience here on the Matebook X Pro and that is, the Matebook X Pro 2020. What do you guys think of it? Do drop me a comment below. If you’re interested in picking this up or finding out about the latestpricing and availability, then I’ll be leaving somelinks in the description below. I hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful. If you did, then do hitthat thumbs up button for me and if you haven’t already,then be sure to subscribe and hit that bell icon so you don’t miss any future coverage. Thanks for watching, this is Saf on SuperSaf TV and I’ll see you next time. (chilled electronic music)

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