iPhone SE Review In 2020

(upbeat electronic music) – What’s up guys. Saf here on SuperSaf TV and we’ve got the brand new, iPhone SE 2020 edition, in the house. This is the cheapest, brand-new iPhone you can buy right now. Lot’s of hype around it, let’s go ahead, get it unboxed and see what it’s got to offer. So at the front of thebox we do have a picture of the front of the iPhone and it’s got the iPhonelogo on the left and right as well as the Apple logoon the top and the bottom. Out of the plastic. All right. Designed by Apple in California. And here is the device, wow that, feels, so, so small. It’s so weird because I’m soused to iPhone 11 Pro Max. Now as well as the iPhone SE, you do get a bit of paperwork. You get a SIM card tool. There’s a Product Red leaflet because this is the Product (RED) edition. For those of you guys who don’t know, Apple works with the charity (RED) and a portion of the salesfrom Product (Red) items from Apple do go towardsHIV and AIDS programs. However, for the time being, they are going to be goingtowards COVID-19 programs. So, definitely a good thing. Inside the box as well, wehave a USB to Lightening cable. Some Lightning EarPods as well as a five watt powerbrick. Now the iPhone SE 2020does support fast charging but that charger is sold separately and it also does supportQi wireless charging. Now let’s get to the iPhone itself and let’s get rid of the plastic. I really can’t get over how small this is, I’ve not used a small phone like this for such a long time. And just to give you some perspective here is my iPhone 11. You can just see the size difference. This also feels so much lighter, it’s only around 148 grams. Now this is the (RED) version of course but there is also a black version as well as a white version available. We’ve got an aluminum frame with glass here on the back. It’s quite a premium butin the words of my friend JerryRigEverything, “Glass isglass and glass can break.” So I definitely recommendpicking up a case for this from our video sponsor Spigen. I’ve been using Spigen casesmyself for many, many years and my personal favorite isdefinitely the Liquid Air which is minimal andprovides a good balance between size and protection. But they’ve got a huge varietyof cases for the iPhone SE including for the firsttime, some red cases. I’ll leave a link in the description below if you want to pick up aSpigen case for your iPhone SE. Now the new iPhone SE is IP67water and dust resistant, and yes, it looks pretty muchthe same as the iPhone 8. It’s exactly the same interms of the dimensions, the button placements,the camera placement. One of the new things thatwe’ve got is that the Apple logo is now more towards the center to match the newer iPhones and if we look towardsthe front, once again, pretty much the same as the iPhone 8. One of the things that we have this time is that across the board all of the colors now have a black front, we don’t have a white front anymore. And yes, we have those bezels. Now I know there’s going tobe lots of people going crazy in the comments saying, how can you have these big bezels in 2020? Well if you’re somebody who’scomplaining about that then, this phone probably isn’t for you.

I’m taking a look at this display, it is a 4.7 inch retina HD display and it does have thesame pixel destiny, 326. The same contrast ratio as well as the same peakbrightness, 625 nits, as the iPhone 11. The biggest difference however is that you do have a muchbigger screen to body ratio on the iPhone 11 comparedto the iPhone SE. Now honestly speaking, I think the targetaudience for this device, coming in at this cheaper price point probably won’t reallycare about the bezels. One advantage, shall we say, that you do get with having these bezels is that there is Touch ID. So we’ve got the fingerprint scanner here, on the home button. Now, I do really like Face ID but you guys have probablyheard me say before that I do prefer a physicalfingerprint scanner which is just moreconvenient, much faster, works in many more situations. If you’ve got a mask on for example, Face ID is not going towork, if you are in bed and your face is halfwaysunken in the pillow, once again, Face ID’s not going to work but you’re going to beable to use Touch ID, so you can kind of see that as a positive. Now although the outer shell is pretty much the same as the iPhone 8, the biggest improvement thatwe’ve got is on the inside. This is powered by theApple A13 bionic chip and this is the same chipthat’s in the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, as wellas the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Now those phones are pricedmuch higher than this, especially if you look at the iPhone 11 Pro andthe iPhone 11 Pro Max, they’re more then twice,maybe two and a half times more expensive than this so it is quite impressive tosee that level of chip sets on this device and that means things are going to be very,very smooth, along with iOS 13. And also this, in terms ofsoftware and performance, is going to last you adecent amount of time. In addition to that youdo get camera improvements because the A13 has itsimage signal processor, so it’s going to be able toprocess images much better than the iPhone 8 did. Front-facing camera is seven megapixels, it can film at up to 1080p. It also supports portrait selfies, which we didn’t have on the iPhone 8 and the rear-facingcamera is 12 megapixels, it can film up to 4Kat 60 frames a second, supports extended dynamic range at 4K up to 30 frames a second. It also support portrait mode which works for people, not objects but these are featuresthat are now enabled thanks to the A13 bionic chip. Definitely let me know ifthere’s a SuperSaf Style camera comparison that you’d like me to do of the iPhone SE andlet me know which device you’d like me to put this up against in the comments below. Now I’m not sure of the exactsize of the battery in here. I assume it’s similar to the iPhone 8, so it’s not going to lastyou the same amount of time as the iPhone 11s but because it does havethe A13 bionic chip, that is quite power efficient so we’ll see how long this lasts. We do have stereo speakers, there’s one bottom firing andthere’s one in the ear piece. And this is available in three storage versions,64, 128, and 256 gigabytes. They are of course at different prices but this starts at 419 pounds or $399 and for that reason, I think this is going tobe selling very, very well. And if the iPhone 11s areoutside of your budget then this is going to be amuch more affordable option.

I would however recommendgoing for the 128 GB version just so you don’t have to worryabout storage going forward. It is around $50 or 50 pounds more. And that is the iPhone SE 2020. What do you guys think about it? Are you going to be picking one up? And what coverage would you like me to do with it going forward? Definitely let me knowin the comments below. I hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful, if you did then do getthat thumbs up to me, and if you haven’t already, then be sure to subscribeand hit that bell icon so you don’t miss any future coverage. (bell dinging) Thanks for watching, thisis Saf on SuperSaf TV and I’ll see you next time. (upbeat electronic music)

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