OnePlus Nord vs iPhone SE Review 2020

(techno music) – What’s up guys? Saf here on SuperSaf TV, and in this video, we’re going to be doing a detailed hands-on comparison between the OnePlus Nordand the iPhone SE 2020. Both of these devicesare coming in at around a 400 pound mark. Let’s see what they offerfor that price point and what all the key differences are too. So initially, let’s lookat the differences in size. The OnePlus Nord, clearlythe larger device. It’s taller, wider, thicker, and it also weighs morecompared to the iPhone SE. So the iPhone SE, definitelythe more compact device. If you are after somethingthat’s a little bit smaller, you want something easyto use in one hand, then you may lean towards the iPhone SE. But when we turn the devices around, you’ll notice why theOnePlus Nord is larger, and that’s because it’sgot a much larger display. The iPhone SE, it’s gota 4.7 inch LCD display, which has around 326 PPI pixel density. And we do also have these verythick top and bottom bezels. This is a display that wason the iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 8, so it is quite an old display that has been refreshed for 2020. And looking at it side-by-sideto the OnePlus Nord, it looks very outdated. The OnePlus Nord, it lined with 2020flagship devices actually, even though this iscoming in at mid range. We’ve got very small bezelswith a pill punch out for the front facing cameras. It’s an AMOLED display as well, so we’ve got deeper blacksand high contrast ratios. We’ve got a high resolutionwith a higher pixel density on the OnePlus Nord, around 408 PPI, which makes things sharper. But I’d say one of themost important things is that OnePlus Nord doeshave a 90 Hertz refresh rate, which is very impressiveat this price point. And that means animationsare much smoother when you’re scrolling through,when you’re watching content, the experience is justsuperior on the OnePlus Nord. I think it’s safe to saythat this is a clear win in this category for the OnePlus Nord compared to the iPhone SE. Now, believe it or not, there are a few advantages that you do get because of these bezels on the iPhone SE compared to the OnePlus Nord. Firstly, there is aphysical fingerprint scanner in the form of TouchID on the bottom bezel. Because this is a physicalfingerprint scanner, it does make it somewhateasier to unlock the iPhone SE.

mYou can have it in your pocket, and you can already have it unlocked as soon as it’s out of your pockets. With the OnePlus Nord, you’ve got an in-displayfingerprint scanner, which works really well. It’s very, very fast. The only thing is itdoes take an extra step, so you do need to wake thedevice before you can use it. You can do that bytapping the Power button or tapping the display twice to wake it. No big deal by any means, but you do get a slight advantage with a physical fingerprintscanner on the iPhone SE. Now another advantage thatyou have on the iPhone SE is that the earpiece herealso doubles up as a speaker. So we’ve got one bottomfiring and one here, and that gives us stereo speakers. On the OnePlus Nord, there is just a singlebottom firing speaker. If we take a look at the build design, the iPhone is actuallythe more premium overall. So we’ve got a glassback on both of these, but the iPhone does have ametal frame with a matte finish, whereas OnePlus Nord has a plastic frame with a glossy finish. Now the buttons are metal, butthe frame itself is plastic. The iPhone also has an official IP67 water and dust resistant rating. The OnePlus Nord, OnePlusdo say it is watertight and it should be fine forsplashes and using in the rain, but it does not havean official IP rating. The iPhone is alsoavailable in three colors, a red, a black, as well as a white. Whereas the OnePlus Nordis available in two colors, a gray as well as this blue. Now a couple of thingsI do have to mention about the OnePlus Nord is that it does firstly comewith a case out of the box, so this is included. It’s a very simple case,but definitely nice to have. And it also has a pre-appliedplastic screen protector. These are the things that you’re going tohave to get separately with the iPhone SE. Now in either case, I generally do tend tohave a skin on my devices from our channel sponsor dbrand. Personally, my favoriteis the Teardown series that’s being made in partnershipwith my friend, Zach, from JerryRigEverything.

Gives you a nice previewinto the internals of the device without actually having to open it up yourself. And I really do like the bluebattery of the OnePlus Nord, which goes in theme with the blue design. If you’d like to pickup a skin from dbrand, then there’s going to be alink in the description below. Now let’s move over on to the cameras, and this is where thingsare very interesting, because we’ve got two totalcameras on the iPhone SE. On the OnePlus Nord, wehave a total of six cameras. So let’s break all of these down. So rear facing cameras, the iPhone SE has a 12megapixel rear facing camera. It’s a very good cameraat this price point, and along with Apple’sprocessing and the ISP, it does produce really good results. And it really did gohead-to-head with the iPhone 11 in my comparison, which I’ll link in the cardsand in the description. The OnePlus Nord hasfour rear facing cameras.

The primary camera isa 48 megapixel sensor, although you will be shootingat around 12 megapixels pretty much all of the time. And that’s going toallow you to get the best out of the sensor, which isthe same sensor that you’ve got on the OnePlus 8. But in addition to that, you also get an eightmegapixel ultra-wide camera, and this gives you adifferent perspective, which you’re just notgoing to be able to get on the iPhone SE. As well as that, you do geta two megapixel macro camera, which is going to allow you toget in super close to things. Now it is just two megapixels, so it’s not something thatI would personally use much. And then you get a fivemegapixel dedicated depth sensor. Now I know, I know you guys want to see a SuperSaf style camera comparison of the OnePlus Nord versus the iPhone SE. I’ve not got the final softwareon the OnePlus Nord as yet, so I can’t do it as yet, but it is going to becoming in a week’s time. So if you want to see thatdetailed camera comparison, SuperSaf style first, then you guys know what to do, subscribe and hit that bell icon so you don’t miss it. Now this camera comparisonis going to be very exciting because the OnePlusNord also has nightscape for low-light photography as well, something that we don’thave on the iPhone SE. And when it does come down to video, the OnePlus Nord can film atup to 4K 30 frames a second. The iPhone SE can film atup to 4K 60 frames a second. So you do get thisadditional frame rate here on the iPhone SE. Now, when we flip things around, things get even more interesting. And that is because the iPhone SE just has a single front facing camera, whereas the OnePlus Nord hastwo front facing cameras. The iPhone SE has a sevenmegapixel front facing camera. This can film at up to 1080p HD, so you don’t have 4K fromthe front facing camera of the iPhone SE. The OnePlus Nord has this pill cutout. The primary camera is 32 megapixels, but then you also getan ultra wide camera, which is going to be veryuseful for group selfies and even situations where you want to get more of your background into your shots from the front facing camera.

There’s also some software here at play, which is going to prevent distortion so you don’t get too muchdistortion on the sides. And what’s really interestingis that the OnePlus Nord can film at up to 4K from theprimary front facing camera. And not only that, it can also film at up to 4K 60 frames a second from that front facing camera. You can’t do 4K 60 fromthe rear facing cameras, but you can do 4K 60 fromthe front facing cameras. What’s even moreinteresting is the fact that the OnePlus 8 Pro does not have 4K fromthe front facing camera. It’s something that Ifedback in my review. It looks like OnePlus hastaken that feedback onboard, and then given us 4K at this price range from the front facing camera. I cannot wait to putthese two head-to-head for that detailed camera comparison, but just straight off the bat, you can see that the OnePlus Nord does have a lot moreversatility for the cameras compared to the iPhone SE. Now, one of the things thatwill be interesting to see in that camera comparison will be how everything is processed. And one of the things thatgoes into processing images is the image signal processor that is linked to the chip set. The iPhone SE is poweredby Apple’s A13 bionic chip. This is the same chip set that we’ve got in thelikes of the iPhone 11 as well as the iPhone 11 Pros. The OnePlus Nord is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 G chip set. Now this isn’t the 8series, the flagship series, but it’s still a very capable chip set, and it does come with a baseof eight gigabytes of RAM compared to three gigabytesof RAM on the iPhone SE. Now in terms of actual performance, obviously a lot of factorsare going to come into play, but generally speaking,the A13 is going to be more superior when itcomes to intense gaming and things like that. Whereas although the 765is a very capable chip set, it is not at that flagship level. So this is an advantage thatwe get on the iPhone SE, but the OnePlus Norddoes have support for 5G. This is something that we don’t have on any Apple device as yet. So if you are in a 5G enabled area, then this is going to besomething very useful, again, at that verycompetitive price point. 5G at this price point, very, very impressive. Now a lot of the performance is also going to come down the software. We do have two completelydifferent operating systems. I think this is goingto be a deciding factor for a lot of people. The iPhone SE, of course, is running iOS. It’s the latest version of iOS. The OnePlus Nord is runningAndroid with Oxygen OS on top. Now oxygen OS, I’ve saidthis many times before, but it’s one of myfavorite skins on Android. It’s very clean, it’s very smooth, and OnePlus is alsoreally good with updates. They have also promisedtwo years of updates on the OnePlus Nord, and three years of security updates. The iPhone SE, wellApple is very much known for how long they support their devices for many, many years, so the iPhone SE lookslike it will be getting software updates and support longer than the OnePlus Nord. And, obviously, if you aretied into that Apple ecosystem, if you use things like iMessage, AirDrop, then these things aregoing to work very well here on the iPhone SE along with all of yourother Apple devices. Now let’s move on to the batteries. The OnePlus Nord has amuch, much larger battery compared to the iPhone SE. It’s actually more than twice as large.

Now battery life isobviously going to vary and depend on your personal usage, and you do have differentoperating systems here. The iPhone SE is pushing out less pixels, it’s a smaller display, and the OnePlus Nord alsohas that higher refresh rate. The iPhone SE, in my experienceso far, has been okay, but it’s not brilliantin terms of battery life. The OnePlus Nord, again, I am going to have to waitfor those software updates to give you something alittle bit more conclusive, but much, much bigger batteryhere on the OnePlus Nord. Both devices do supportfast charging as well. However, the iPhone SE does not come with a fastcharger out of the box. You do have to buy that separately. It comes with a five wattcharger out of the box. The OnePlus Nord comeswith a 30 watt charger out of the box, so you are getting that fast charger straight away included in that experience, which is really, really good. However, the iPhone SE doessupport wireless charging. This is something that theOnePlus Nord does not support. Wireless charging, it’s moreabout convenience than speed. You can just drop yoursmartphone on a wireless charger whenever you need it to top up. And it’s something that Ipersonally do use a lot. Now, finally, let’s look at the price. The iPhone SE does startat around 420 pounds. That is for the 64 gigabyte version. If you do want the 128 gigabyte version, you are going to bepaying around 470 pounds. The OnePlus Nord is coming in at a very, very competitive 380 pounds. That is for the 128 gigabyte version. If you do want the 256 gigabyte version, you will be looking at around 470 pounds. So if we do a compare the like-for-like, 128 gig versus 128 gig, then the OnePlus Nord is coming in around about 90 pounds cheaper compared to the iPhone SE, and that’s a very, verycompetitive pricing strategy here from OnePlus. I’m genuinely impressedat how much OnePlus has been able to pack intothe Nord for this price. And if you are a OnePlusfan, especially from day one, then this does bring OnePluskind of back to its roots of providing really impressive smartphones at very, very competitive price points. So to conclude, the OnePlus Nord, obviously the more feature-packed device with all of those cameras,that superior display. The iPhone SE, still a verygood device in my opinion for this price point, especially if you’rewithin the Apple ecosystem, you are getting the flagshipA13 bionic chip in here, which means this is going to last you a good amount of time. And you do get certainfeatures on the iPhone SE which you do not get on the OnePlus Nord such as the more premiumbuild, the stereo speakers, as well as wireless charging. What do you think of theOnePlus Nord and the iPhone SE? Which one would you pick up? Definitely let me knowin the comments below. As mentioned, there isgoing to be more coverage with the OnePlus Nord, including a SuperSafstyle camera comparison. If you do want to see that first, then be sure to subscribeand hit that bell icon so you don’t miss it. I hope you enjoyed thisvideo and found it useful, if you did, then do hitthat thumbs up arm for me. Thanks for watching, thisis Saf on SuperSaf TV, and I’ll see you next time. (mellow techno music)

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