Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus In Review 2020

What’s up guys? Saf here on SuperSaf TV and no, this is not clickbait, I have actually switched back to a 2019 smartphone here in 2020, and in this video I’m goingto be explaining why that is. Some of you may alreadyknow which device this is if you follow me on Instagrambecause I have been posting lots of Stories with this device recently. And I’m not referring to my iPhone. A lot of you guys willknow that I always have two smartphones with me at all times, one on iOS and one on Android. Why that is will take awhole other video to explain but, in a nutshell, I liketo have a balanced view of both platforms, whichwill help in my comparisons, and my reviews, and alsobecause I like certain things on iOS and I like certainthings on Android. And when it comes to the iPhone things are pretty straightforward because I can just pick aniPhone, when it’s released, and I generally hold on to that until the next iPhone is released. So it has been the iPhone 11 Pro Max, since it was released last year. But for Android, things area little bit more complicated because we have many, manynew Android smartphones out all the time. So, one SIM card is always in my iPhone and the Android SIM card actually changes depending on the devicethat I’m reviewing. And once I’ve finishedreviewing that device, the SIM card will go out andgo into my next Android device, and so on. So after taking my SIM cardout of the last Android device that I was reviewing I was looking at thedevices released this year and I’m thinking about which device to use as my primary Androiddaily driver, shall we say. And don’t get me wrong, we’ve had some excellentsmartphones this year. I’ve actually done a top five smartphones of the year so far video. I mean, the Samsung Galaxy S20Ultra, excellent smartphone, great display, lots to like about it, but I did find it quitebig, thick, and heavy, which wasn’t the most comfortable to use. And also, I did have afew issues with the camera which I’ve covered in the full review. A lot of these did getimproved with software, but just not completely there for me. I was then using the OnePlus 8 Pro, again an excellent device,very fast and smooth with excellent software, improved cameras, but I had some display issues, there’s no always-on display which is something that’squite important to me. And OnePlus also released anupdate which limited how dim the display could goin darker environments.

And being somebody whouses their smartphone a lot in darker environments, I really did not findthis the best experience. And then we’ve got the Oppo Find X2 Pro, again, an excellent smartphone. Very similar to the OnePlus8 Pro, in many ways. And it’s also got the fastestcharging on any smartphone out right now, 65 watts. But it doesn’t have wireless charging, something that I use a lot as well. There’s the Huawei P40 Pro aswell as the Huawei P40 Pro+, absolutely awesome smartphones,some of the best out there. Great, great cameras. But there’s no Google Play Services, something else that Ifound myself missing. So I thought, let me have a quick rewind and see some of myfavorite devices of 2019. And if you haven’t guessedalready the device that I picked was the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus+, and after using it for a couple of weeks, I remembered why I love this smartphone. It’s got an amazing design, I still think it’s one ofthe best-looking smartphones out right now. I love the squared-off edges. It’s also quite thin and light in comparison to lotsof other smartphones, so it’s also quite comfortable to use. The display is excellent. I think the only thing missingis a high refresh rate, which I can generally live without. But it’s super bright, very sharp, the colors are absolutely excellent. The performance has also really held up, thanks to the QualcommSnapdragon 855 chipset. By the way, disclaimer, Ihave been using the 855, not the Exynos. And battery life hasalso been really good. I get through the day absolutely fine and then just drop thison a wireless charger whenever I need to top-up. Cameras are still some of the best. Yes, we don’t have crazy zoom but I don’t find myself using that crazy level of zoom often. What I really do use a lotis the ultra-wide camera, and in my opinion the Note 10+ still has the best ultra-wide cameraon any smartphone right now. And let’s not forget the SPen, which I just dropped. But anyway, the S Pen is something that I found really useful, whether it’s to just quickly doodle on some Instagram Stories,sign some documents, or even edit some images. But what was even more interesting was, after I spoke to some of my friends, who are also tech YouTubers, a couple of them werealso using the Note 10+.

So I thought I’d ask them whythey’re using that in 2020? – You know when you go into a restaurant and even though they havea lot of different options to order from you pick thesame thing every single time? That’s kind of me and my justification for using the Galaxy Note 10+ in 2020. I’ve been using Galaxy phonesfor the last, I don’t know, five or six years, and they’ve been good. I don’t know if they’re the best but they’ve been good enough that I just keep buying them every single time. To be honest, there probably is something else better out there, but since I’m so familiar and comfortable with the Galaxy Note10 I just stay with it. Personally, all I reallyneed is like a large battery and a big screen, and a good camera. Other than that, all the phones are kindof the same these days. So I guess I’m just sticking with the Galaxy Note 10+ out of habit. I mean, it’s a goodphone, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a lot ofgood phones out there. Maybe someday I’llswitch to something else, but for right now I’llprobably stick with this for another year or two andthen see what else comes out. – Ha, yes! I am back. Safylicious invited me over to talk about the GalaxyNote 10 in this video. Now, I give you three things why this phone is awesome, right? First of all, the Note 10+ is sezzy. Second, I am sezzy. So, you know, it’s final. And 10, you know, astimes are very difficult, when you’re raising seven,I mean, one child. (coughs) You know, cut down expenditures, and the Note 10+, right now,is a very cost-effective phone.

It has many sezzy featuresfrom sezzy camera. Make me look sezzy. You also have S Pen thatdoes a lot of fantastic work. I can write down how I wantto go and romance my wife. You know, wives, oh, you know, just one. I am cutting down. And of course, you know,I have many a feature like good battery life, for great jungle warfare waterproofing, and very solid speakersfor boom-boom music. Yes. So, anyway, thank you very much Saf for inviting me this video. Please Western Union me that money, so I need to pay, you know. Anyway, thank you, thankyou. Western Union. Saffy, Note 10+. Okay. – So that is why Ipersonally switched back to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ in 2020, as well as some of the reasonswhy Zack and Colonel Singala have also decided to usethe Note 10+ this year. And if you are interested in picking up an excellent smartphone andwant to save a bit of money then it actually might bea good time to pick this up because the Notes 20 seriesis just around the corner.

And I think by having my SIM card in this, it’s going to give me areally unique perspective to see exactly how much has improved and how much has changed when we have the Note 20 out in justabout a month’s time. So if you want to see allof that coverage first, then be sure to subscribeand hit that bell icon. Also, subscribe to Zack, andThunder E aka Colonel Singala. I’ll leave the channels link down below. What do you think of the Note 10+? Would you still use this device in 2020? Let me know in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed thisvideo and found it useful, if you did then do hit thatthumbs up button for me. Thanks for watching Saf on SuperSaf TV. And I’ll see you next time. (upbeat electronic music)

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