Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Confirmed

[Saf] The official unpacked event for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series has now been confirmed. We’ve seen some leakedrenders of the Note 20 ultra as well as for the first time, some hands-on images and videos. What’s up guys, Saf on SuperSaf TV. And let’s break down all of these recent leaked rumors SuperSaf style. So first leak, the unpackedevent promo has now gone out. 5th of August is thedate that you need to put in to your diaries. This is unfortunatelyjust going to be a digital unpacked event, not a physical one, which I’ll be able to go to. But nevertheless, it’s goingto be very, very exciting. Now looking at this promo, wecan see the S pen, of course, because it is the Note 20 series. But we see a droplet goingdown and into a splash. Now what’s interesting about this droplet is it’s in a copper color. And that copper color nicely translates over to the leaked renders that we saw. And these were accidentally posted on the Samsung Russia website. Now, we’re going to say this copper color does look really slick. And reputable leaker IceUniverse has also said that this is likely tohave a frosted finish. Now, having a look at these renders, we can see a rectangular camera module, which is kind of expectedbecause Samsung is adopting this rectangular camera module design across most of theirsmartphones this year. And it is quite a large camera bump. But if we look inside this camera module, we can see three circles. One of these is, of course,going to be an ultra-wide camera. One is going to be the primary camera. If you look at the last circle, we can notice a rectanglewithin this circle. And that indicates that this will be the Periscope zoom camera. We can also notice a time of flight sensor within this module. And thankfully, there isno 100X texts like we had on the S20 ultra. Something that I definitelydid complain about a lot. Now, Ice Universe has said that Samsung is going to be ditching 100X zoom. And they’re going to besticking to 50X max zoom, which is going to be much more optimized.

I’m so, so glad that Samsungis going down this route. Because as you’ve heardme say many times before 100X zoom is kind of like a party trick, which you’ll pretty much only use once. And the results are really not usable. Ice Universe has also saidthat the autofocus issue that was initiallyexperienced on the S20 Ultra has now been resolvedfor the Note 20 series. And that might mean that we’ve got dual pixel autofocus againon the Note 20 Ultra. Something which I’ll be very happy about. The S20 Ultra has improved withtime over software updates. But if they do have dual pixel autofocus, then that’s going to bring it in line with what we expect from Samsung. Now, the design that we’veseen in these renders has been further confirmed byactual hands-on leaked images and video from Jimmy is promo. Now looking at these images,we do see a black version of the Notes 20 Ultra. And in these images andvideos, we do also get to see the front of the Note 20 Ultra. And we have slightly smaller bezels as well as a slightly smaller punch out. So the punch out is still staying here. And we do also see someslightly more squared off edges with a curved display. The S-pen has also moved from the right to the left-hand side,if that matters to you. And the buttons are also now completely on the right-hand side, likewe’ve got on the S20 Ultra. Now of course, the S-pen isgoing to come with some new and improved features. One of the new featuresthat we’ve seen leaked is the ability to usethe S-pen as a pointer. How exactly this is going to work, we’ll have to wait and see. But it seems like youmay be able to connect the Note 20 Ultra via Desk to a display, and then be able touse the S-pen that way. Now internally, it lookslike the Note 20 Ultra is going to be powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865-plus chip sets, which has literally justbeen announced by Qualcomm.

This is going to give a 10%boost over CPU performance, as well as GPU performancecompared to the 865. And this will make the Note 20 Ultra one of the most powerfulsmartphones out there. However, it still does looklike we’re going to get a Qualcomm Snapdragonversion for certain markets. And other markets, we’realso going to be seeing an Exynos version. The good news is it will bean improved Exynos version. The Exynos 992 is currentlywhat’s being rumored. Whether or not that’s goingto match up to the performance of the 865-plus, I’mdoubtful but let’s see. Apart from that, we are looking at around 16 gigabytes of Ram anda micro SD card slot, at least for the Note 20 Ultra. And some of the otherleaks that we’ve had, we have covered in a previous video. But just to quickly run through them, the Note 20 is likely to havearound a 6.4 inch display with full HD resolution, 120 hertz. And the Note 20 Ultrais likely to have around a 6.9 inch display withQuad HD-plus resolution as well as 120 hertz. What’s interesting is thatthese displays are rumored to have LTPO technology,which is more power efficient. And this will hopefully meanthat on the Note 20 Ultra, we’ll be able to haveQuad HD-plus resolution with 120 hertz. Something that you can’tcurrently do on the S20 Ultra. There’s also a possibilitythat the Note 20 Ultra will be using Qualcomm’s 3DSonic max fingerprint scanner, which is 17 times larger comparedto what we currently have. It’s much more secure, it’s faster.

And you can also use it withtwo fingers at one time. For the batteries, we’re looking at around 4,000 to 5,000 milliamp per hours. So we’re going to havepretty large batteries. And for the official releasedate when the devices are going to be shippedout, this is looking like it might be around the 21st of August, based on recent reports froma Korean website, ITI news. Unfortunately there is no solidpricing information as yet. But I’m sure it’s going tobe coming very, very soon as well as many other leaks and rumors in the lead up to unpack. So I will do another finalleaks and rumors roundup. If you want to see that first,then be sure to subscribe and hit that bell icon soyou don’t miss that coverage. What do you guys thinkof the Note 20 series based on these current leaks and rumors? Definitely let me knowin the comments below. I’m definitely excited, asyou guys may already know, I switched back to theNote 10-plus just recently. And we’ll also be doinglots of comparisons versus the Note 20 when it is out. I hope you enjoyed thisvideo and found it useful. If you did, then do itthat thumbs up on for me. Thanks for watching. This is Saf SuperSaf TV,and I’ll see you next time. (upbeat music)

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